UPDATED 1/30/18

Our collective policy is to share seeds among collective members for simply the minimal cost for production of said seeds.

Seeds are distributed in packs of 20 seeds per pack, thus requiring a donation of $20.00. plus $4.00 shipping and handling per order (not per pack). All seeds are warranted to germinate. 100% No B.S. replacement guarantee. We will ship seeds to collective members within California or they are available on site at our farm. call or text for details

The following is a list of seeds currently available:

1. RIGGERS KUSH:  This is an amazing Indica. with a gassy, musky smell. This variety came from the “Hindu Kush” mountain range of northern Pakistan in 1992 …. ‘it was a fine fall day when I collected this seed, high in the mountains, at a high elevation, on that high arid mountainside….anyway’ …..I have been breeding this seed yearly ever since. It is a fantastic heavy yielding, 7 to 8 week flowering Indica. This one is so wonderful we may give you a seed if you ain’t got the dollar to donate to the collective. This would be what our “so called enemies” in Northern Pakistan are smoking this moment as you read this….don’t believe the hype or the campaign of fear.

2. TIGER BERRY: These seeds came from Lijiang, China. It was gathered in fall of 2009 from the north-side of town at 12000′ elevation. We have been breeding it every year since. This strain came from the “Leaping Tiger Gorge” in southern China. It is reminiscent of a big wet cold, firm, juicy Blackberry. After you smoke or vaporize it, for 20 minutes afterward you may experience the mild scent of Blackberry as you exhale… it is very pleasant and unexpected. This is 10 week flower, huge yielder. I guarantee it will be among the best dollar you ever let go of!

3.DREAM QUEEN: this is a sweet, heavy yielding, 7 week flowering time. also known as GREEN CRACK.

4. HIGH CBD SEEDS  as yet we have not named them.we do have test certificate for this strain, the potencies are as follows: Sample type; flower.  THC 0.2% THCA 0.1%. CBD 2.9% CBDA 7.9%.