CBD Strains

We also have the very potent C.B.D. Strain;


Test results:

CBD in vegetative leaf…….8%

THC in vegetative leaf…….0083%

CBD  in the flower……….. 20.5%

THC in the flower …………05%


As some of you may know St. Valentine is the patron saint of epilepsy. This strain does wonders for me personally. As I work though the day I feel aches and pains – don’t we all. I found that when I take some of the vegetative-leaf, a small wad and I put it between my cheek and gum, I just chew it like tobacco, chewing, and squeezing the juices in my mouth, my aches and pain disappears nearly immediately, also my fatigue is absent, when I get home I am not overly tired.

This strain has a  sort of sweet taste to it, not the rough sort of taste one would expect.

When I brought this strain to the High Times show in Santa Rosa, a man with his old dog came around and was talking to me, as we talked I was watching his dog explore the various plants at my booth, the dog walked past all the plants there and directly to the VALENTINE X and chewed some of the leaves. I pointed out to the gentleman that his dog had bypassed all the plants and went directly to the VALENTINE X, and chewed some leaves. The man commented immediately saying “my dog is not limping”.

Here is another observation: My friend (whom does not use marijuana) grows only the finest CCOF CERTIFIED ORGANIC marijuana. Of course the rats eat his weed from time to time. I gave him a VALENTINE X ( he was interested in the CBD effects) he noticed that the rats attacked the plant with a vengance and ignored his other plants. Hence, now so long as there is a VALENTINE X in the garden, the rats do not eat the other plants.

So there you go, pain reliever for myself, an old dog and wild Santa Cruz Rats. I believe in this plant. Please stop by the farm, bring a dog, rat or other animal and chew some leaves. No charge.

These plants are available in 1 gallon pots for a donation of $20.00 each

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